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Since the 14.4K Modem (1991)
Hi, my name is Ned and I have worked with computers, networking and coding since 7th grade math class in the 70's and the old teletypes that connected to a Univac server somewhere before they called them "Clouds."

I worked individually on projects as personal computers evolved in support of Audio/Video production and Desktop Publishing in the 80's, until in the 90's I began to help others as they were trying to figure out how to utilize and benefit from these amazing and confounding tools.

Now, as we adjust to a world where most everything is getting Integrated and Sync'd and Streamed and where computers and phones are now call "Devices" and where we often wish we could be back to a world (even just 5 years ago) where we could just push one button on a Toaster and  it would give us a simple slice of toast (as you know it should). We all need some help figuring what is possible and how to make it work.

That is where I can help,.. If you let me know what your needs are we can figure out a plan to accomplish it,... no matter how simple or complex,.. and if something is beyond my core skill-set, I will happily assist you to find resources.

I look forward to hearing from you,...! (contact)

Supporting a Broad Range of Services
for MACs and PCs
• Friendly, Patient Coaching and Training for Individuals and Teams
Beginners and Experienced
• Consulting, Configuration & Installation of Software and Hardware
for Individuals and Small Businesses
• POS, Payment Services & Inventory
• Database Solutions (custom user interfaces)
• Wired and Wireless Networking
• Security Infrastructure
• Backups, Data Recovery and Storage Solutions
• Local and Cloud Based
• Application Support for A/V and Graphic Design
• Computer Maintenance & Repair
• Security Camera Installation and Configuration
• Web and Design Services and Support

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